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As a child, natural and holistic medicine was how I was treated if the need arose. So, I guess it was natural progression to follow my family's footsteps. I was extremely fortunate to have done my initial studies in the late 90"s with Dorothy Hall Collage of Natural medicine. She was a Naturopath and herbalist and also one of the leaders of her time in Iridology. She was absolutely the reason I have such a deep love and respect for Iridology today. I felt there was so much more I wanted to learn about Iridology, so I went on to further my studies with Toni Miller (Integrated Iridology) and Andrew Mason (Behavioural Iridology).

I have practiced my love for natural medicine over 23 years through many expressions. I'm a people person, so four days a week you'll also find me in a nurturing, organic health food store in the Sutherland shire which has allowed me to help customers with many generalised health concerns. I have also worked in my own practice for many years which allows me to get to know you better and build a deeper understanding of all of your health needs.



My Mission is to educate, motivate and inspire each of my clients to be the best version of themselves that they can be using Natural and Holistic medicines.

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